Uptime Monitoring

Monitor Uptime

The dirty little secret that many hosting providers don’t tell you is that 500’s and request timeouts are more common than you might think.

Failed requests and SSL cert expirations often get buried in the standard health reporting provided by hosting providers. That’s why Luhnar constantly monitors your origin web server from multiple locations and optionally alerts you when requests from a site visitor fail to complete successfully.

By caching and offloading up to 90% of requests from the origin web server, Luhnar can also help stabilize overprovisioned virtual servers in order to avoid errors in the first place.

With Luhnar, you get free uptime monitoring out of the box.

Smart CDN Platform

Image Compression

Shrink PNG, JPEG, and SVG file sizes by up to 50% without harming quality with Luhnar's smart compression.

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Easy Setup

Instantly speed up your site with our self-tuning features. No plug-ins, URL changes, or server migrations required.

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Asset Optimization

Safely minify and brotli-compress your HTML, CSS, and JS assets to make them load more quickly.

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Smart preloading

Optimize page rendering with Luhnar's smart page analyzer that detects and preloads critical page assets.

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Network Acceleration

Bypass the congested public Internet by routing traffic across private fiber networks from Google and AWS.

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Perimeter Security

Put an additional security fence around your site with the new TLS 1.3 protocol, attack blocking, and HSTS.

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Uptime monitoring

Monitor the uptime health of your web server and get email alerts without having to manage a separate service.

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free dedicated ssl

Get a free dedicated SSL certificate or use your own SSL certificate at no extra charge on all Luhnar plans.

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Edge Caching

Cut the commute and dramatically reduce server load by automatically caching assets closer to site visitors.

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