Performance as a Service
How Luhnar Site Accelerator Works

Put Your Content on a Diet

The average web page weighs in at nearly 4 MB ( and takes 22 seconds to load on a mobile browser (Google). The recommendation for 2018 is 0.5 MB and less than 2 seconds—that's a lot of fat to cut!

Optimization from the Cloud

Luhnar is a cloud-based service that looks at all of your content, finds ways to shrink it, and sends it along to your users.

Compression,caching, pre-loading, HTTP/2 and more are used to send only bytes that need to be sent in the most efficient way possible.

Park Your Content Next Door to Your Customers

Network latency (basically Internet traffic jams) can have a huge impact on your page's load speed. Shortening the distance your content has to travel can significantly speed up your website.

CDN: Content Delivery Network

After lightening your content, Luhnar uses a network of cloud servers (a CDN or content delivery network) to park your content as close as possible to your customers. This dramatically shortens the time it takes for your content to make it from your site to your customers' browsers.

POPs: Points of Presence

How far does your content currently have to travel to a visitor in Los Angeles? New York? London? Luhnar has servers (or points of presence called POPs) all over the world.

The Latest Site Technologies Offered as a Subscription

Luhnar packs a huge variety of modern cloud technologies into a simple subscription service. See the full list of features

3 Steps to Start

Getting started with Luhnar Site Accelerator takes only a few minutes:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Enter Your Domain Name
  3. Tweak One Domain Name System (DNS) Setting

As soon as the DNS updates occur, you will begin to see the difference in your site's performance.

3 Steps to Stop

If Luhnar isn't as good as you hoped, you can stop at any time. It only takes three easy steps to be done:

  1. Tweak One Domain Name System (DNS) Setting
  2. Delete Your Account
  3. Tell Us What We Can Improve (Optional)

Luhnar will pass full control back to your server and your site won't be harmed in any way.

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