Performance as a Service

How Luhnar Site Accelerator Works

How LSA Works

Put Your Content on a Diet

The average web page weighs in at nearly 4 MB ( and takes 22 seconds to load on a mobile browser (Google). The recommendation for 2018 is 0.5 MB and less than 2 seconds—that's a lot of fat to cut!

How It Works

How Luhnar Site Accelerator works

Touchless Setup

You don't have to touch a thing on your site. Simply drop Luhnar in front of your server and everything gets faster.

No More CMS Sit-Ups

All you have to do is point your domain name to Luhnar, instead of directly at the origin server that hosts the site.

Use the Cloud Like a Boss

Luhnar is a modern cloud service based on next-generation Internet technologies from leading cloud providers like Google and Amazon.

Cut Your Commute Time

How far does your content have to travel to a visitor in LA? New York? London? Luhnar moves your content closer to your target market.

Trim the Fat

Luhnar looks at all of your content, automatically shrinks and optimizes it, then ships everything to the web browser over a fast connection.

Stay Secure

All site content passes through our secure gateways, providing automatic DDoS protection and next-generation security technologies, such as TLS 1.3.

Modern Cloud Technologies

Luhnar packs up a bunch of modern cloud technologies into a simple, all-in-one subscription service designed for the rest of us.

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Switch Luhnar On in Minutes
Get a faster site in minutes, not months.

A Faster Site in Minutes


Create a Luhnar account.


Enter the site's domain name.


Point the domain to Luhnar.

Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing with no hidden fees.

Preview the Site Before It Goes Live

You will be able to preview the accelerated version of your site before it goes live. Turning Luhnar on and off is simply a matter of changing where your domain name points.

Try It Free for 30 Days

There's no risk to trying Luhnar. You'll see the speed improvement in minutes and you'll be able to prove it boosts sales in a week or two.

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