Luhnar Site Accelerator Features
A Deep Dive into the Guts of the Service

Full-Site Caching

Luhnar Site Accelerator caches all of your site's static assets.

Luhnar can also cache dynamically created pages.

Because it can be problematic to cache pages that are meant to change frequently, Luhnar uses a list of includes and excludes to manage which pages should be cached and which should not.

If you're feeling brave, you can use Luhnar Site Accelerator's full-cache switch and cache everything. This works best if you know that all of your content is static, despite being created with a dynamic system (such as WordPress).

PUT and POST requests are piped through to your server without modification, allowing these features to remain functioning.

Asset Compression

Compression Algorithms: Luhnar Site Accelerator uses cutting edge compression algorithms (such as brotli) which surpass the performance of gzip to compress your content and assets.

Image Compression: Luhnar Site Accelerator uses lossless or near-lossless image compression algorithms and selects the algorithm with the best results for your images.

Image Type Selection: Luhnar will select and substitute the optimal image format for your images. For example, if your site includes a .gif image, Luhnar may use an animated png or webp image in its place.

Fonts and PDFs: Fonts and PDFs are often neglected, but Luhnar Site Accelerator compresses and caches them.

Image Resizing

Luhnar Site Accelerator can serve your images with different dimensions while keeping your originals at full quality. This allows you to serve thumbnails and other different sizes of your images (such as for responsive designs) without manually scaling or cropping them.

DPR-Aware Image Serving

Luhnar will automatically detect the DPR (device pixel ratio) of a visitor's device and serve an image with the proper DPI (dots per inch) for that device. This makes accommodating Retina and other high-DPR screens automatic and easy.

Being aware of a device's DPR allows Luhnar to use more aggressive compression in some cases.

Luhnar does not require additional libraries or link re-writing for DPR-aware image serving.

HTML Optimization

Brottli or Zopfli Compression: Luhnar Site Accelerator selects the optimal cutting-edge compression algorithm for you content.

Latency Reduction: Luhnar applies several methods to reduce latency, including:

  • Add pre-load headers for Google Fonts
  • Pre-load common libraries
  • Load jQuery, Bootstrap, and other common CDN links from Luhnar instead (because HTTP/2 multiplexing makes it faster to load from Luhnar than from other servers)
  • Preload inline Javascript

Fix Mixed Content Warnings: Luhnar fixes any "mixed content" security warnings and the associated delays by changing internal URLs from absolute paths to relative ones and external URLs to remove the protocol (which means not using HTTP when the page is using HTTPS).

Global CDN

Luhnar has points of presence (POPs, basically server infrastructure) all over the world. This parks your content as close to your site visitors as possible, reducing latency and speeding up your site's connection to users.

Transport Optimization with HTTP/2

HTTP/2: Luhnar Site Accelerator uses HTTP/2 for transferring files and can take advantage of its new features: such as stream multi-plexing and server push.

  • Multi-plexing: the server sends multiple files over one connection
  • Server push: the server sends necessary files before the browser even asks for them

A side benefit to using HTTP/2 is that it means you don't always have to concatenate CSS or JavaScript files.

Secure Transport (HTTPS) and DDoS Protection

HTTPS: HTTPS with Luhnar is always on, painless, and free. Luhnar uses TLS and automatically sets HSTS headers, ensuring a secure connection and speeding up asset loading.

SSL Certificate: Luhnar Site Accelerator helps you set up your SSL certificate or works with your existing certificate.

DDoS Protection: DDoS protection is built in and on by default to help keep your site up even during a DDoS attack.

Powered by Amazon Cloud Services

Luhnar Relies on next-gen web technology backed by the Amazon Cloud.

Because we're backed by the Amazon Cloud, we can offer world-wide and world-class service.

Easy Configuration

Besides all these features, Luhnar Site Accelerator is incredibly easy to configure.

You can implement all of these features on your own, but the cost and the configuration time will be higher than using Luhnar.

Try Luhnar Site Accelerator First!

There are many optimizations that are good to make on your site or server, but in terms of getting the most bang for your buck, Luhnar Site Accelerator should be your first step because Luhnar either does the work for you or makes it unnecessary.

Luhnar can prevent having to:

  • Upgrade or Move Your Hosting Plan
  • Fiddle with Server Settings
  • Set up a CDN for Images
  • Configure Full-Site Caching
  • Adjust Compression Settings
  • Photoshop Images - Optimizing images manually or creating responsive or high-DPR variations
  • Install CSS and JS Concatenation, Minification, and Compression
  • Implement Google AMP Pages / Proprietary Solutions

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