Luhnar Site Accelerator FAQs
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Getting Started

What does it take to get started?
You will need to create an account (with no credit card required during your free trial period), enter your domain name, and modify a DNS setting. That's it!

How much does Luhnar Site Accelerator cost?
It depends on how much bandwidth you will need, but plans start at $15/mo. See our pricing page for details.

Why does Luhnar Site Accelerator cost more than some CDNs?
Luhnar is not just a CDN—it's more than just a "dumb pipe." Luhnar Site Accelerator offers a long list of benefits and features that you can't find with a typical CDN.

Is Luhnar Site Accelerator available where I live over seas?
Initially, Luhnar is for U.S. customers. We have global servers to provide fast access to foreign site visitors, but our server infrastructure and pricing aren't ready to support fully-foreign sites and customers.


What happens if I go over my bandwidth allowance?
Nothing scary. Your site is still served and you are automatically bumped up to the next billing tier.

Are there any other limits I should keep in mind?
POST and PUT requests are proxied to the origin server (your hosting), but the bodies are limited to 250 MiB.

I'm Worried

Will Luhnar work for my site?
While there are a few (rare) sites that are already fully optimized, Luhnar substantially improves most site load times. The easiest way to find out is to give it a try with our 15 day free trial!

Can using Luhnar Site Accelerator hurt my site?
For most sites, the answer is no. The worst case scenario is that your site doesn't use HTTPS, you start using Luhnar Site Accelerator (which does use HTTPS) and Google re-indexes your site, and then you stop using Luhnar and go back to HTTP connections. This has the potential to harm your search engine rankings due to all the moving around.

I've spent a fair amount of time improving my performance—what can you do for me?
While there are occasionally sites that don't see a useful performance boost from Luhnar, they are the exception. Almost every site has some optimization left undone. For example, Luhnar Site Accelerator uses cutting-edge image compression technologies that most developers and designers haven't adopted yet. We invite you to give Luhnar a spin with our 15 day free trial and see how well it works for you.

I've spent a lot of time optimizing SEO, why should I care about Luhnar? Will this really help?
Yes—most typical SEO work isn't performance or security related, but the site speed and HTTPS bonuses that Google gives can give you the edge you need. Another thought is that if you use an image CDN, most of the SEO benefit for those images goes to another domain!


What does Luhnar do for security?

We do what we can, but not everything about your site is under our control. Here's what we handle:

  • SSL
  • DDoS Protection

You can read more on our features page

Does Luhnar offer DDoS protection?
Yes, Luhnar Site Accelerator has built-in DDoS protection.

Is Luhnar PCI compliant?
Luhnar has not gone through special effort to achieve PCI compliance certification. That being said, Luhnar does not store any visitor data and only passes sensitive data through to your servers (on a secure, HTTPS connection).

Does Luhnar offer a SLA (service level agreement)?
Luhnar is working on an SLA. While we strive to be always up and running, we currently can't quantify our reliability.


I don't really need HTTPS, do I?
Your site will function without HTTPS, but it is highly recommended that you serve all of your content over an HTTPS connection.

Do I need to pay for another SSL certificate?
Not unless you want to—if you'd like, we can reuse the one you have.


What are POPs?
POPs are Points Of Presence—in Internet terms, this means a server or cloud node in a particular location. Luhnar has POPs all over the globe.

How does Luhnar handle user agent sniffing?
Luhnar Site Accelerator will forward the user agent string from the browser when requesting pages, but caching is not based on it, so your website should not return different results based on the user agent string.

How come I don't have to configure cache time settings?
Luhnar sets a default minimum cache time for optimized assets (images, CSS, JS) and a (separate) default minimum cache time for pages. If your server specifies a longer cache control header, that will be used instead.

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