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Grow Your Business

Luhnar is the easiest way to win more customers for your business, simply by making your website incredibly fast.

Fast sites win more customers

Faster Sites Win More Customers

Faster Sites Sell More

Studies show time and again that even small improvements in site speed can have a big impact on sales. For example, one business found that making their pages load just 1 second faster boosted their mobile conversion rate by 27%.

You can easily spend months and thousands of dollars optimizing your site. But like you, we knew there had to be a better way. We built Luhnar Site Accelerator to get the job done in minutes, not months. Luhnar is super easy to set up, and starts at just $10/mo after a free trial.

See how much faster your site can be. Try Luhnar today for free.

People trust fast sites

People Trust Fast Sites

A fast site makes your brand more likable and professional. Usability pioneer Jakob Nielsen has shown that people care a lot about page load time. In another study, Google found that shoppers are unlikely to return to buy again from a slow site.

Luhnar Site Accelerator is the easiest way to increase trust in your brand, helping you win loyal clients and repeat customers for your business.

People leave slow sites

People Leave Slow Sites

They Leave Slow Sites

According to Google, mobile visitors are 90% more likely to bounce from a site that loads in 5 seconds as compared to one that loads in 1 second. In fact, DoubleClick found that 53% of mobile visitors abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. And you can bet that desktop users are even less patient.

But here's the bad news: The average mobile landing page takes 8 seconds to show any meaningful content and a frustrating 22 seconds to fully load. Many sites take even longer.

Nearly all sites can load faster, and in many cases, much faster. Stop losing customers to the competition. Give Luhnar a try and help visitors stay on your site.

Mobile devices are now the majority

The Future is Mobile

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices today, and that number only continues to grow. If you haven't optimized for mobile, you're leaving real money on the table.

How quickly does your site load over that frustratingly slow Wi-Fi at the busy coffee shop down the street? How many potential customers give up after clicking over to your site from Yelp and waiting too long for it to load over 3G?

Luhnar was built with mobile devices and slow connections in mind. We help your site load faster on the go by putting your content on a diet and caching it in our advanced cloud network.

Luhnar Site Accelerator
Makes Your Site Sell

Luhnar Makes Your Site Sell

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Get More Traffic: Improve Website SEO

Rabbit Constellation

Google Rewards Speed

All else being equal, Google rewards faster sites with more traffic by moving them to the top of search results.

Rabbit Constellation

Bounce Rate Matters

Google measures how people interact with your site. Sites that people leave for loading too slowly get penalized.

Rabbit Constellation

HTTPS Boosts Rankings

Google rewards a ranking bonus to sites that use HTTPS to send and receive information securely.

Rabbit Constellation

Google Flags Non-HTTPS

Chrome flags non-HTTPS sites as Not Secure. This reduces trust in your brand and can scare people away.

Luhnar Makes Your Site Rank

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Enhance Your Brand

Whether working on your own website or developing sites for clients, use Luhnar Site Accelerator to deliver a fast, professional browsing experience.

Instantly take care of optimizations you know are important, but don't always have the time or budget to implement.

Save Money and Keep it Simple
Optimize your site in minutes, not months.

Save Time and Money

  • Avoid paying for extra hosting services
  • Avoid moving to a new server
  • Avoid paying for extra web development
  • Avoid expensive image CDNs
  • See our pricing for a complete analysis
  • Avoid risky changes to your site
  • Avoid installing a bunch of clumsy plug-ins
  • Avoid hours spent debugging issues
  • Avoid hiring expensive contractors
  • See our features page to see what's included

Get a Faster Website Today
Performance You Can See

Get a Faster Site Today

See the real difference in your site's load time before and after you set up Luhnar Site Accelerator. See our side-by-side video and learn more about how Luhnar Site Accelerator works.

If Your Site is Down, You're Losing Money
Luhnar helps you stay online and open for business.

If Your Site's Down, You're Losing Money

With smart page caching, a global content delivery network, and automatic DDoS protection, Luhnar helps you weather large traffic spikes and some types of online attacks. Every outage that Luhnar prevents means more trust in your brand and more money in your pocket.

Gear Up for Big Sales and Seasonal Traffic

Forget painful server upgrades and CMS sit-ups. Launch that big sale and head to the beach.

Luhnar automatically handles jumps in traffic, helping you keep up with Cyber Mondays and unexpected traffic spikes. Our simple pay-as-you-go pricing gets you out of the upgrade-downgrade game.

Try It Free for 30 Days

There's no risk to trying Luhnar. You'll see the speed improvement in minutes and you'll be able to prove it boosts sales in a week or two.

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