Luhnar Site Accelerator
Drive Sales, Boost SEO, and Enhance Performance

Grow Your Business: Increase Leads, Sales, and Customers

Luhnar Site Accelerator is built to increase leads and sales
for your business by making your site incredibly fast.

Faster Sites Sell Better

Making your site load 1 second faster can boost conversion rates by up to 27%!

Most sites that use Luhnar Site Accelerator see improvements of at least 2 seconds. You can try it for free to see how much faster your site can load!

People Trust Fast Sites

Fast-loading sites are perceived as professional and reliable. Increasing site speed will have a tangible impact on visitor trust and conversions.

Luhnar Site Accelerator is reliably fast. Our cloud has locations around the world, ensuring that your site is consistently served from the smartest location.

People Leave Slow Sites

Visitors are 106% more likely to bounce from a site that loads in 6 seconds compared to one that loads in 1 second.

Nearly all sites can load faster, and in most cases, much faster. Give Luhnar a try and help visitors to stay on your site!

Mobile Devices Are the Majority

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. You've got to make sure your site loads well on phones and tablets!

Luhnar Site Accelerator was built with mobile devices in mind. We can't change your site template to be mobile friendly, but we can put your content on a diet and serve your content in the best way for mobile devices.

Luhnar Site Accelerator
Makes Your Site Sell

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Get More Traffic: Improve Website SEO
Luhnar Site Accelerator qualifies your site for Google's important ranking bonuses.

Site Speed Is a Ranking Factor

All else being equal, Google ranks faster sites higher.

Luhnar is a simple way to substantially increase your site's speed and noticeably improve your search engine rankings.

Time-On-Site and Bounce Rate Are Ranking Factors

Google measures how people interact with your site. Sites that keep visitors engaged rank better, and sites that people abandon for loading too slowly get penalized.

Luhnar removes reasons for your visitors to leave your site.

HTTPS Boosts Rankings

Google currently gives a search engine ranking boost to sites that use HTTPS to send and receive information securely.

Luhnar Site Accelerator defaults to using HTTPS and helps you set up (or continue to use) your SSL certificate.

Google Labels Sites without HTTPS as Insecure

Click-through rates from search engine result pages (SERPs) influence your rankings, and a "Not Secure!" flag in search results will scare people away from visiting your site.

Avoid the "security flag of doom" in Google's Chrome web browser by getting your SSL certificate configured with Luhnar Site Accelerator.

Luhnar Site Accelerator Makes Your Site Rank

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Deliver a World-Class Product

Whether you are working on your own website or developing websites for clients, you can use Luhnar Site Accelerator to provide site visitors with a fast, smooth browsing experience.

You can feel good about easily taking care of optimizations you might have known were important, but never had time to implement.

Avoid Costs and Complexity
Luhnar takes as little as 5 minutes to set up and helps you avoid a host of costs and complex tasks.

Costs Savings from Using Luhnar Site Accelerator:

  • Avoid Paying for Extra Hosting
  • Avoid Moving to a New Server
  • Avoid Paying for Extra Development
  • See our pricing for a more complete analysis

Avoid Complexity with Luhnar Site Accelerator:

  • Avoid Tying Up Your Server Admin
  • Avoid Installing Multiple Plugins
  • Avoid Long Debugging of Site Loading Issues
  • See our features page to see what's included

Speed Up Your Website
Performance Benefits You Can See:

Cut Seconds Off Load Times

It's obvious to see the difference in your site's load time before and after you set up Luhnar Site Accelerator. See our side-by-side video and learn more about how Luhnar Site Accelerator works.

Increase Server Stability, Keeping You Online

If your site is down, you're losing money. With caching, a global CDN, and DDoS protection, Luhnar will help you weather large traffic spikes and some types of online attacks. If Luhnar saves you from one outage, it's worth every penny.

Gear Up for Seasonal or Irregular Traffic

Handle spikes without lifting a finger, without worrying, and without fiddling with your account.

Luhnar will automatically adjust to higher traffic levels and keep serving your site, helping you keep up with seasonal or irregular traffic spikes. You don't have to update your account tier or settings to adjust to the increase during the spike or the decrease afterwards. You simply pay for the extra bandwidth with your next billing statement.

Try It Free for 15 Days

There's no risk to trying Luhnar. You'll see the speed improvement in minutes,
and you'll be able to prove it helps your sales in a week or two.

Early Access Coming Soon!

We're nearly ready to offer exclusive early access to Luhnar Site Accelerator. Please contact us if you would like to be considered the moment the program goes live!