Luhnar Site Accelerator Pricing
Pricing, Savings, and Fit

Luhnar Site Accelerator Pricing

Luhnar pricing is 100% straight forward—you always know how much you'll pay
without having to talk to a sales person or support rep. first

Your billing "tier" will automatically update—you don't need to worry about switching plans

Monthly Price Breakdown

Up to 10 GB
Up to 50 GB
Up to 200 GB
Up to 500 GB
Over 500 GB
New Business or Blog
Growing Small Business
Established or Medium Business
Website with High Volume Traffic
$0.10 / GB

Luhnar Site Accelerator Savings

Luhnar includes (or can remove the need for) all of the following features, installed and configured for you automatically, starting at $15 per month.

OptimizationEstimated Cost
Upgrading Your Hosting Plan$40/mo.
Configuring a CDN for Static Files$25-50/hr. for setup plus $10+ per month
Image Compression$15-50/hr. to pay a graphic designer or $68.40+/month for an image compression server
Configuring an Image CDN$25-50/hr. for setup plus $59+ per month
Configuring Full-Site Caching$25-50/hr. plus the cost of any plugins
Modifying Server Settings$25-50/hr. for 2+ hours
Adjusting Compression Settings$25-50/hr. for 1-2 hours
Optimizing Images with Photoshop$15-$50/hr. x 5 min. per image
Average Total Cost:$1,000 to $5,000+ in the first year
Luhnar Site Accelerator:$180 to $1,800 in the first year

Luhnar Site Accelerator Is Ideal If...

  • You have a "brochure site" such as a site for a dentist, real estate agent, or other professional
  • You are driving local traffic to a site for a restaurant, plumber, laundromat, etc.
  • You rely on leads, ecommerce or ads for revenue
  • Your site has primarily static content

Making Sure Luhnar Is a Good Fit

Luhnar Site Accelerator works very well for most sites and customers, but there are some situations where it might not work as well:

  1. You are building a web app—Luhnar is not an application accelerator
  2. The cost of Luhnar is more than 10% of your monthly revenue
  1. You haven't finished your product or service yet
  2. You can't access your DNS settings

We would love to have you as a customer (and we can still be friends!), but we want to make sure that using Luhnar helps you reach your goals instead of adding drag to your journey. If Luhnar Site Accelerator won't work for you now, please check back with us later!

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