Image Compression

Load Images Faster

The size of your images makes a big difference in how fast your pages load, especially on a mobile connection. But it can be tricky to find the right balance between image quality and file size.

Luhnar takes the guesswork out of image optimization by automatically re-encoding your images with optimal settings. In fact, Luhnar’s advanced algorithms often out-perform other image compression tools without sacrificing visual quality.

Plus, Luhnar automatically converts your PNGs, GIFs and JPEGs to the new WebP and animated PNG (APNG) formats, to make them load even faster on modern browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge. Luhnar’s smart CDN automatically picks the best image type to serve to each web browser.

You can even use Luhnar to resize your images on the fly, so that you can reuse the same image for mobile and desktop layouts, or to easily create thumbnails for your product images. Luhnar’s smart image resizing uses the emerging HTTP Client Hints standard to scale images according to the Device Pixel Ratio (DPR). This helps your images look sharp and professional even on high-resolution screens.

Image compression

Luhnar automatically analyzes and re-encodes each image on your site to dramatically reduce file sizes.

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asset Optimization

Luhnar optimizes your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and fonts for an extra speed boost.

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Easy setup

Luhnar works with your existing website: no plug-ins, code changes, or server upgrades required.

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Edge Cache

Luhnar cuts commute times and reduces load on your web server by caching content close to visitors.

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premium Network

Luhnar bypasses the congested public Internet by routing across Google's private fiber network.

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high security

Luhnar instantly upgrades your site to the latest TLS 1.3 standard with a free SSL certificate.

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