Image Optimization

Load Images Faster

The size of your images makes a big difference in how fast your pages load, especially on a mobile connection. But it can be tricky to find the right balance between image quality and file size.

Luhnar takes the guesswork out of image optimization by automatically re-encoding your images with optimal settings. In fact, Luhnar’s advanced algorithms often out-perform other image compression tools without sacrificing visual quality.

Plus, Luhnar automatically converts your PNGs, GIFs and JPEGs to the new WebP and animated PNG (APNG) formats, to make them load even faster on modern browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge. Luhnar’s smart CDN automatically picks the best image type to serve to each web browser.

Luhnar even re-encodes SVGs to make them download faster. We use an advanced SVG optimizer to remove redundant and extraneous information from each image, and then further compress the cleaned-up SVG using max-level brotli compression. (Tip: WP users can get started using SVGs with Safe SVG.)

You can even use Luhnar to resize your images on the fly, so that you can reuse the same image for mobile and desktop layouts, or to easily create thumbnails for your product images. Luhnar’s smart image resizing uses the emerging HTTP Client Hints standard to scale images according to the Device Pixel Ratio (DPR). This helps your images look sharp and professional even on high-resolution screens.

Smart CDN Platform

Image Compression

Shrink PNG, JPEG, and SVG file sizes by up to 50% without harming quality with Luhnar's smart compression.

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Easy Setup

Instantly speed up your site with our self-tuning features. No plug-ins, URL changes, or server migrations required.

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Asset Optimization

Safely minify and brotli-compress your HTML, CSS, and JS assets to make them load more quickly.

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Smart preloading

Optimize page rendering with Luhnar's smart page analyzer that detects and preloads critical page assets.

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Network Acceleration

Bypass the congested public Internet by routing traffic across private fiber networks from Google and AWS.

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Perimeter Security

Put an additional security fence around your site with the new TLS 1.3 protocol, attack blocking, and HSTS.

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Uptime monitoring

Monitor the uptime health of your web server and get email alerts without having to manage a separate service.

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free dedicated ssl

Get a free dedicated SSL certificate or use your own SSL certificate at no extra charge on all Luhnar plans.

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Edge Caching

Cut the commute and dramatically reduce server load by automatically caching assets closer to site visitors.

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