How it Works

Unlike standard CDNs that only provide basic caching and networking features, Luhnar automatically shrinks and optimizes your images, HTML, CSS, fonts, and JavaScript.

Smaller Files

One of the biggest slowdowns for sites is the size of website image and data files. Even if you’re already on a CDN, chances are, the standard CDN you have doesn’t do anything for slowdowns due to file size. With Luhnar, you get a CDN running advanced optimization techniques to safely re-package site content into the most streamlined format available.

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Faster Network

With a content delivery network, or CDN, a copy of the website data is stored on fast edge servers spread around the world. These servers communicate over private, high speed networks.

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Local Caching

When someone visits a site running over a CDN, copies of the site’s critical assets are served from the CDN’s closest edge server.

Serving cached content to the browser from edge servers is much faster than having to go all the way back to the origin web server.

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