High Security

Protect Your Website

Many people ignore security until it is too late. In fact, many WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS-based websites get hacked without their owners even realizing it. Don’t let this happen to you.

With cyber attacks on the rise, we help protect your site vistors and e-commerce transactions by automatically upgrading your website to the latest, most-secure version of HTTPS (TLS 1.3) with a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. You don’t have to change a thing on your server.

With support for the latest cryptographic algorithms, like ChaCha20, Poly1305, and AES GCM, Luhnar speeds up your HTTPS connections while avoiding the large number of vulnerabilities that plague older security protocols.

Don’t think you need HTTPS? Aside from protecting your users from malicious JavaScript and content injection attacks, upgrading to HTTPS also provides a Google SEO ranking bonus for your website.

Upgrading to HTTPS and making your pages load faster are the easiest, most reliable ways to boost your search rankings and conversion rates.

Image compression

Luhnar automatically analyzes and re-encodes each image on your site to dramatically reduce file sizes.

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asset Optimization

Luhnar optimizes your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and fonts for an extra speed boost.

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Easy setup

Luhnar works with your existing website: no plug-ins, code changes, or server upgrades required.

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Edge Cache

Luhnar cuts commute times and reduces load on your web server by caching content close to visitors.

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premium Network

Luhnar bypasses the congested public Internet by routing across Google's private fiber network.

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high security

Luhnar instantly upgrades your site to the latest TLS 1.3 standard with a free SSL certificate.

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