The old way of speeding up WordPress or other CMS-based sites is complicated and expensive. Luhnar makes it easy with these smart CDN features.

Image Optimization

Shrink PNG, JPEG, and SVG file sizes by up to 50% without harming quality with Luhnar's smart optimizations.

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Painless Setup

Speed up your site the easy way, with our self-tuning algorithms. No plug-ins, URL changes, or server migrations required.

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Asset Optimization

Safely minify and brotli-compress your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript assets to make them load super fast on desktop and mobile.

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Smart preloading

Optimize page rendering with Luhnar's smart page analyzer that detects and preloads critical page assets.

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Network Acceleration

Bypass the congested public Internet by routing traffic across private fiber networks from Google and AWS.

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Perimeter Security

Put an additional security fence around your site with the new TLS 1.3 protocol, attack blocking, and HSTS.

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Uptime monitoring

Monitor the uptime health of your web server and get email alerts without having to manage a separate service.

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free dedicated ssl

Get a free dedicated SSL certificate or use your own SSL certificate at no extra charge on all Luhnar plans.

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Edge Caching

Cut the commute and dramatically reduce server load by caching content closer to site visitors.

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Sign up today and in minutes your website visitors will experience page load times up to 2x faster.