Best-Practice Features

As yesterday’s best practices become today’s bad advice, it can be hard to know what page speed optimizations are worthwhile. Luhnar gives you a simple way to instantly apply dozens of modern best-practices to a site.

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WordPress Ready

Page Builders

Seamlessly use page builders with Luhnar’s automatic Direct Mode that detects when you are logged in.

HTML Auto-Cache

WordPress is often slow at composing HTML. Luhnar automatically caches and optimizes HTML.


Luhnar forwards the true client IP to security plugins like Wordfence, so that they can block bad bots.

Smart CDN Platform

Image Compression

Shrink PNG, JPEG, and SVG file sizes by up to 50% without harming quality with Luhnar's smart compression.

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Easy Setup

Instantly speed up your site with our self-tuning features. No plug-ins, URL changes, or server migrations required.

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Asset Optimization

Safely minify and brotli-compress your HTML, CSS, and JS assets to make them load more quickly.

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Smart preloading

Optimize page rendering with Luhnar's smart page analyzer that detects and preloads critical page assets.

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Network Acceleration

Bypass the congested public Internet by routing traffic across private fiber networks from Google and AWS.

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Perimeter Security

Put an additional security fence around your site with the new TLS 1.3 protocol, attack blocking, and HSTS.

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Uptime monitoring

Monitor the uptime health of your web server and get email alerts without having to manage a separate service.

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free dedicated ssl

Get a free dedicated SSL certificate or use your own SSL certificate at no extra charge on all Luhnar plans.

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Edge Caching

Cut the commute and dramatically reduce server load by automatically caching assets closer to site visitors.

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