Boost your sales by 10% in 10 minutes.

A faster site boosts conversion rates, ranks higher, and elevates your brand. Instantly fix page speed problems for WordPress and other CMS-based sites with our smart CDN service.

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Real Results in Minutes

We tested three different small business sites using to show how Luhnar’s smart CDN makes pages load faster.

“For the past few years, we’ve struggled with a website that times out and makes it difficult for customers to buy online. Luhnar has made a big difference. Now that the site pages load faster, customers can complete purchases without any issues.”

Ryan B.

E-Commerce Manager | Pivot Door Company

Rank Higher

SEO experts know that speeding up a website is one of the most reliable ways to improve Google rankings.

Faster page loads lead to higher search engine rankings, and that means more visitors. In fact, in one study, a furniture retailer reported a 20% surge in organic traffic after speeding up their site!

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A Better Experience

Smiles may not be measured by site analytics, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see the positive impact Luhnar will have on your client’s customers and their brand.

It’s a fact that when a site loads faster, visitors are happier and spend more time there. With Luhnar speeding things up, the positive impact will be obvious with lower bounce rates and more pages viewed.


Elevate Your Brand

When a user has a great experience with a site, they trust the brand and are more likely to buy and keep buying. Boost a site with Luhnar and you boost brand perception among consumers.

Boost Conversions

The key to online success is not more visitors but more conversions. Studies show that sites with faster load times get more conversions, thanks to the improved user experience that comes with a faster website.

Businesses that are serious about growing their sales and value quality traffic use Luhnar because they know that a faster website makes for more satisfied customers and more conversions.

13% Sales Increase

An e-commerce site saw sales jump 13% by cutting their page load time in half.

4% More Revenue per Visitor

Just a 2-second delay can lead to a loss of 4% in revenue per visitor.

7-12% MORE Conversions

A 1 second speedup in page load time can increase conversions by 7% or more.

35% lower bounce rate

Sites that load in under 5 seconds get more attention with 70% longer sessions on average.

20% Boost in Traffic

A furniture retailer reported a 20% surge in organic traffic after speeding up their site.


The average mobile landing page takes 10 seconds to load. Luhnar helps you get that down to 5 seconds or less.

Real Results in Minutes

We tested three different small business sites using to show how Luhnar's smart CDN makes pages load faster.

Beyond Caching

The basic caching features offered by plug-ins and standard CDNs only solve part of the problem.

Our smart, full-site CDN goes beyond caching by automatically optimizing the entire website using next-generation algorithms based on new research from web performance experts. We then serve those assets over advanced high-speed networks powered by Google Cloud and AWS.

It’s the perfect solution for busy digital professionals working with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, and other CMS-based sites. We make it easy to check the boxes on dozens of site speed optimizations that you know are important, but just don’t have the time to tackle.

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Security Upgrade

Luhnar CDN takes the guessing game out of site security: our services automatically  enable the new TLS 1.3 network security protocol with a free dedicated SSL certificate for your WordPress or other CMS-based website.

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